Honoring our Veterans | The Whole Year Long

As members of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s We Honor Veterans Program – we work hard to find different opportunities to honor Veterans from Memorial Day to Veterans Day , Flag Day to Armed Forces Day and every other day in between.  We joined the program because we realize that Veterans have unique needs at the end-of-life and we want to be able to address those needs.  At Beloit Regional Hospice care is driven by the patients’ needs and desires and it is important for us to be prepared to provide the type of compassionate care that our patients require.  

We Honor Vets ensures that we can focus on individualized care for our patients who have served this country, but it also provides us with opportunities to celebrate their service.  We’ve done a bit of celebrating lately and wanted to share some of the photos.

We held a pinning ceremony for Daniel Wickson in June.  During a pinning ceremony our We Honor Veterans Coordinator, Mark Maxted (a fellow Veteran), presents a certificate and pin from the appropriate service branch.  Daniel Wickson’s was extra special because we were also able to have his service medals replaced, with help from Congressman Pocan.   It was wonderful to honor his service.  Plus – Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln made an appearance!  We were also able to honor our volunteer Richard Spencer, Willie Petzrick and several of Dan’s family members!  Thank you all for your service!










We also held a pinning ceremony during John Eddy’s birthday celebration in March.  We were able to honor John, as well as a couple party attendees: Don Stellings & Vernon Pedrick!