Grief Support For Kids and Teens

The Kids, Teens ‘n’ Grief program of Beloit Regional Hospice provides support to children and youth who are struggling with loss. The BRH staff and volunteers collaborate with school professionals to provide age-appropriate grief support groups during the school day. Groups are held as needed. Contact BRH to find out if there are plans to hold a group at your child’s school or contact the school directly to ask them to arrange such a group.

In addition individual grief support at a time of crisis is offered to youth and their families.

Helpful Resources

Normal Grief Reactions
Appropriate Expectations in Grief
Bill of Rights for Teens Experiencing Grief
A Special Note for Teachers of Grieving Students
Guidelines for Parents to Help Children Through Grief
Possible Ways that Children May Respond to Grief


Please contact us if you have additional questions or needs. 


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