Grief Support

What is Grief?

“It was like you could read my mind after he died. Every new phase would start and I would think I wouldn’t make it and your letter would come and I would realize I wasn’t crazy, just normal. You helped me through the hardest year of my life.”

Grief is a natural reaction to loss of someone or something important to you and it involves a wide variety of thoughts and feelings. Some people experience:

  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Numbness, guilt, anger, panic, fear, resentment, relief, jealousy or depression
  • Inability to concentrate, feel as if they are “going crazy” or have memory loss
  • Anger with their higher source, church or pastor or great comfort in their faith
  • Desire to be around others or to be alone

These are only a few of the natural reactions to loss and Beloit Regional Hospice is here to help.

Our staff offers guidance and support for those who have suffered a loss through death via our Grief Support Program. There is no charge for grief support services. The caregivers of those who died with hospice services receive 13 months of grief support as part of our holistic approach to care for the patient and family

  • Children’s Groups

    The Kids, Teens ‘n’ Grief program of Beloit Regional Hospice provides support to children and youth who are struggling with loss. The BRH staff and volunteers collaborate with school professionals to provide age-appropriate grief support groups during the school day. Groups are held as needed. Contact BRH to find out if there are plans to hold a group at your child’s school or contact the school directly to ask them to arrange such a group.

    In addition individual grief support at a time of crisis is offered to youth and their families.

    Helpful Resources

    • Normal Grief Reactions
    • Appropriate Expectations in Grief
    • Bill of Rights for Teens Experiencing Grief
    • A Special Note for Teachers of Grieving Students
    • Guidelines for Parents to Help Children Through Grief
    • Possible Ways that Children May Respond to Grief


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  • Individual Grief Support

    Short term individual support sessions are available for children, adults and families who would like help coming to terms with end-of-life issues.

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  • Community Grief Support

    Our experienced professionals can be helpful in the grieving process; in the workplace or through social groups, if death was expected or unexpected, our staff is available to provide information, resources and come to you if preferred.

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  • Request a Speaker

    A variety of topics are available for presentations. If you would like us to speak with any formal or informal group regarding end of life, grief, or another topic, please contact our office for more information.

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  • Lending Library

    Beloit Regional Hospice has a wealth of resources available to the public. Books, VHS & audio cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs, including material for children and teens can be checked out by anyone in the region.

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