Hospice Moments

8/10/2016 | UPDATE: The Hospice Moment radio show will be moving to 10:00am on 1380 WBEL, beginning this Saturday, August 13th.  Show will continue on in the same format- with Gene Van Galder acting as host.  Be sure to tune in!

Gene Van Galder will begin hosting the Hospice Moment this Saturday, June 25th at 11:00am on WGEZ.  This weekly show will feature different Beloit Regional Hospice Employees discussing a variety of educational topics, as well as sharing stories about compassionate care.

Many individuals struggle when trying to have conversations about end of life preferences, and a major goal for the Beloit Regional Hospice Team is to help individuals across the community find a way to have these difficult discussions with their family.  Though complicated encouraging these meaningful conversations with family and loved ones about their end-of-life care wishes before serious illness occurs, will improve quality through the end of life journey.

These scheduled guests will take time to discuss the spiritual aspects of Hospice, benefits of hospice, community outreach efforts, upcoming events and programs offered by Beloit Regional Hospice.

  • Natasha Weberg
  • Doris Mulder
  • Nancy Toubl
  • Tracy Markley
  • Mark Maxted
  • Rocky Plomb
  • Adena Dutter
  • Taleesha Pinson

Be sure to tune in to WGEZ each Saturday Morning at 11am to hear the Hospice Moment with Gene Van Galder.