We Honor Vets Story

We participate in the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s ‘We Honor Vets’ program.  The program is headed by a committee of staff members (2 are Veterans themselves) and works to ensure that we at BRH are capable of meeting the unique needs that our veterans patients have. Because, on average, 20% of our patients are Veterans, it is an obvious need.   The goal of this committee is an extension of our promise to provide individualized care to each patient.  
Veteran’s Day Celebration
As it was recently Veteran’s Day, we invited our Veteran Volunteers in for a meal.   Each Veteran received a pin designating their branch of service.  It was a nice afternoon full of memories and appreciation.  Our staff also delivered a small gift to each of our Veteran patients.  
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Missing Medals
Our We Honor Vets committee was recently made aware of a distressing situation that one of our veteran patients was experiencing.  His medals, awarded during his time of service, were missing.  He had worked to have them replaced, but had hit several roadblocks. Once our committee heard of this, we reached out to our Congressman Mark Pocan.  He gladly helped in our quest to replace these medals, and we were recently able to deliver them.  It was a proud moment for Beloit Regional Hospice as this gesture brought a great deal of peace to him as an individual- and rightly-deserved recognition to him as a soldier.img_1183