Birthday Fundraiser for Hospice!


8CB66E94-9880-4405-BD53-FCDECCBACFA9The birthday party, held in honor of Sue Gaffey, to benefit Beloit Regional Hospice, raised over $600!  Thanks so much to Sue for inviting her friends to help support our mission.

Pictured left to right: Natasha Weberg, Beloit Regional Hospice Executive Director and birthday gal Sue Gaffey, enjoying some fun for Gaffey’s birthday at the Wheel Inn.



Beloit Area Citizen Hosts Birthday Party Fundraiser for Beloit Regional Hospice

Sue Gaffey, long-term Beloit area resident, is turning 63 and having a very special birthday party.  Sue is asking that in lieu of birthday presents party attendees make donations to Beloit Regional Hospice. 

“I chose hospice because I have a wonderful husband who has survived cancer, wonderful children, grandchildren, sisters, brother and wonderful friends.  What more do I need?  Some of my family has lost their lives to cancer and hospice has always been there for them.  So why not skip the gifts and cards and give back to a great cause.  Love to all and Happy Birthday to me!”

The party takes place at The Wheel in South Beloit from 7 to 11 pm on Saturday, February 25th.  It will include appetizers, Karaoke and great fun – Sue just asks that her guests bring a little “cha-ching” for hospice.

“We are so moved to be chosen as the recipient of this amazing gesture,” said Natasha Weberg, Beloit Regional Hospice Director.  “Sue is truly showing the intensity of her giving spirit by using her birthday as a way to give back to hospice.”

If you too would like to make a donation to help Beloit Regional Hospice care for the most vulnerable in our community, please call them at 608-363-7421.