Annual Volunteer Recognition


Volunteer Recognition Collage

The Annual Beloit Regional Hospice Volunteer Recognition took place on the evening of Thursday, June 30th.  ‘The Art of Caring’ was the theme for the evening, and all attendees were invited to participate in a group art project, symbolizing their commitment to caring.  Attendees all received a stress-relieving coloring book, to fit with the theme as well.

Former BRH volunteer, and current pre-med student Jesse Bossingham gave a speech about the impact that his time volunteering has had on his current educational and career choices.  His speech was heartfelt and moving, and a real testament to the meaningful work that all BRH volunteers perform.  It served as a lovely reminder that BRH touches lives of many, and not just those of patients and their families.  He explained,  “I learned the impact of small gestures, the need of the dying to describe who they are, to articulate their familial relationships.  I saw what a community like this one could do to give people life.  I understood the immense compassion required to volunteer with hospice, and the dividends it pays.  My work with hospice as a high schooler did not just give me a direction for what I should do.  It helped me become who I am.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.”

Beloit Regional Hospice would like to extend an additional ‘Thank You’ to all those gracious individuals who tirelessly donate their time and talents in the name of the BRH mission to Support the Spirit of Life.  Check out more information on volunteering with Beloit Regional Hospice here>>